These red light therapy products offer a range of benefits and claims to help reduce pain, as well as improve your overall skin health by increasing collagen production. These are some of the best red light therapy products currently on the market.

The Solbasium Bright is one of the best red light therapy products out there. It’s a patented, handcrafted box that provides a higher intensity red light therapy treatment than other similar products. The Solbasium Bright’s FDA-approved, CELATION technology penetrates deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen production and hydration.

1. Solbasium Bright

The Optix 70 is Solbasium’s flagship red light therapy product, and it comes with a wide variety of applications including on the face, scalp, body, hands/wrists. With seven different intensities to choose from, you’re sure to find a setting that works best for your skin.

The Optix 210 is the newest addition to Solbasium’s red light therapy product line. This device comes with a larger foot print but can be used for a wide range of applications for the face, scalp, body, and hands/wrists.

The Optix 560 is the most powerful red light therapy device on the market. It also comes with seven different intensities to treat a variety of skin issues.

The Optix Forward Stand allows you to use the Optix 70 and 210 hands-free so you can work on other areas of your body, or read a book while utilizing the device.

The Optix Angular Stand allows you to use the Optix 70 and 210 hands-free, and can be used in the seated position or when lying down (in place of a pillow).

The Quantum Roller is Solbasium’s latest innovation. This red light therapy device features a built-in heating system to heat up any area of the body you are treating. It also comes with a built-in stand that allows you to use the Quantum Roller hands-free and stationary.

The Optix 1000 is an adjustable power source that allows you to get the highest dose of red light therapy possible. With this product, you can use the Quantum Roller with the Optix Forward Stand and Angular Stand.

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