These six CBD specials bring immense pain and stress relief.

Two CBD bestsellers come together and bring effective relief from pain. There’s the Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick that you can apply to minimize inflammation and swelling, and Serious Relief 33+ to support active lifestyles and a faster recovery.

1. Pain Relief Boxed Set

Sit back, relax and take the edge off the daily grind with the Chill Out CBD Set. Included in the bundle is a Seriously Relax for Daytime Body Oil and the Seriously Relax Tincture, which comes with lavender for a truly calming effect.

As long as you’re investing in CBD products then you may as well get everything in a large size. Featuring three different items- Rest, Relax and Relief, you’ll be covered in just about every day to day living and for a holistic mind and body benefit.

CBD in gummy form is always a welcome addition to your diet.. With the Healthy Habits Gummy Bundle, you can get a good night’s rest consistently, as well as relief from pain and inflammation whenever you need it. The gummies come in a container that’s easy to store and bring along.

Receptra’s Fitness Set lets you reach your full athletic, bodybuilding or fitness potential with gummies, drops and a targeted topical for quick muscle recovery and relief. As an added bonus, there are some ingredients that give you a welcome boost in energy and stamina.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, then CBD and this bundle can be exactly what you need. You get the Serious Rest formula, the Serious Rest tincture which has chamomile and the Serious Rest capsules. Oh, and there’s a soft fiber sleep mask to sweeten the deal.

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