Try these 9 high quality Raw Botanics products for rest, performance and energy.

The first CBD product of its kind to combine CBD and mushrooms, Restore offers several benefits, such as a cure for hangover, faster muscle recovery and a stronger immune system, among others. The softgel invigorates the soul, mind and body.

1. Restore Softgels CBD & CBG 750mg

We all deserve some much-needed rest at the end of a long day, and the Rest Tincture is exactly what you’d want. Aside from potent CBD and CBN components, you also get complementary ingredients such as reishi, ashwagandha and MCT.

Get everything you need in a discounted package for well-rounded health and well-being. The softgels can be taken anytime during the day and offers quick-acting results in as little time. If you’re curious as to what CBD can do, then it’s recommended that you give this a try.

Swap out your usual body lotion with this one and you won’t regret it. Your skin gets moisturized and without any sticky, oily or greasy feeling.

A pillow mist that works wonders in promoting restful sleep, it’s the one to get if you want to wake up refreshed and recharged in the morning. Lavender is a known proponent to relax the body, while CBD and eucalyptus adds to the spa-like experience. You can spray this on your skin, clothing and linens, among others.

Muscle pains get you down after a strenuous workout? Not worries- just apply the Raw Recovery Roll-on and you’ll feel less pain in just a matter of minutes. CBD combined with soothing essential oil is the perfect recovery solution.

A quick-acting tincture to provide relief from physical pains and aches, you’d want this in your bag or pocket wherever you go. Restore can cure hangovers and give your immune system the strength it needs to stave off infections.

Raw Botanics has created an exceptional CBD product that promotes a restful state, with ashwagandha and lion’s mane co-existing alongside functional mushrooms and cannabidiol.

Billed as the ultimate brain-enhancing and stress-relieving supplement, you can count on Relax to take the edge off as you unwind and spend time with friends and family.

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